10 Amazing Facts About Humans

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1. When you sneeze, you die for a second.

2. Shy people are smarter and more trustworthy.

3. If you didn’t move for 15 minutes, you will fall asleep.

4. First 3 seconds you wake up, you will not remember anything.

5. Often, when a person starts crying, he will remember other sad events to increase his crying ‘Scumbag-Brain’.

6. You can die from fear because the body releases a big amount of adrenaline which can be toxic in high amounts.

7. The human body gets partial paralysis during sleep, to prevent itself from doing harmful things.

8. Study shows, if you speak and encourage yourself in front of the mirror then you will be stronger mentally.

9. Psychologically, when you are very sad, you will feel everyone around you is happy.

10. Tickling actually was a torturing method.


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