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Effective Ways to Drive Traffic From Twitter | Travelholicq
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With Twitter, you can easily, simply, and conveniently drive traffic to your site by posting “tweets” or short messages throughout the day.

Whether you have a blog or website, everyone needs to attract visitors. Your company’s website or blog can gain a new following, all by signing up for a free Twitter account and using the service to add periodical updates. Whether you are selling new products, would like to advertise a special event or company outing, or simply want to improve customer relations and expand your customer base, you can do so easily and efficiently with Twitter.

Twitter is one of those popular forms of social media out there. However, there has been some controversy surrounding traffic on this platform. There are some people who are able to get a lot of traffic quite easily while some still complain about this being hard for them.

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Some are able to mobilize droves of traffic while some people are not able to get 10 followers. Twitter has up to a billion users scattered all over the world. This is a rich ground for the traffic especially if you are a blogger. I am one of the people who have been lucky to get a good number of followers from Twitter. I intend to share some tips on Effective Ways to Drive Traffic From Twitter.

1. Take Advantage of Twitter to Search for and connect With Your Audience

Twitter has a search option that allows you to search for people from your particular niche. All you need to do is type the keyword on the search box and you will be able to see the content related to that keyword. You will also be able to see people who are associated with such content. Take advantage of this to interact with them.

Get in on the conversation and share their content. Become part of their community by engaging them in conversation constantly. With time, they will accept you and some will eventually get wind about your blog.

2. Get Your Target Audience to Become Your Followers

You need to get followers who have interests similar to yours. The last thing you need is to have irrelevant followers who just happen to stumble upon the follow button on your website. Go the extra mile to attract followers in your niche. A nice way to get such an audience is to start off by putting some of your tweets in your articles or blogs. This ensures that people who read your blogs get the chance to follow you.
This is a good way to convert readers of your blogs into your Twitter followers.

3. Learn How to Copywrite

Most people fail in their bid to get traffic because they post content that does not arouse curiosity in their readers. You need to come up with content that will motivate the readers to follow the links.

You need to improve your copywriting skills so that you come up with engaging content. It has to motivate the readers to click links that lead to your content.

It will also help in improving your Click Through Rate (CTR) on Twitter.

Find a unique and interesting way to write. Instead of writing “discover how to make $500 from blogs” click link xyz.comgo for “Housewife discovers an easy way to make $500 from her blog.” click link xyz.com.

The second style is likely to give you a better click-through rate than the first one. This will allow you to mobilize more traffic from Twitter.

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4. Encourage People to Tweet On Your Blog

Give people an avenue to tweet on your blog and this will definitely help in boosting your traffic. It is also a good way to alert your readers to the fact that you are active on Twitter. Encourage them to share your content. A great way of doing this is by embedding your own tweets on your blog.

This will encourage the readers to retweet once they come across an interesting tweet. You can also add some text at the end of your blog encouraging the readers to share the content with others so that they also get to benefit. You can also ask them to spread the word. Such inclusions in your blog will help in improving participation by your audience. It is a great way to earn new followers.

5. Measure The Results

Many people forget to look at the results of their work. Tracking the results of your work is one thing that is likely to make a huge difference at the end of the day.

You need to understand how all the different factors contribute to bringing you traffic. Once you get a good idea as to what exactly works well for you then you need to take advantage and do it more.

You should also have an idea as to what factors have a negative impact. These factors should be avoided to help avoid the negative impact.

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