9 Coffees to Drink while Travelling in Italy

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  1. Espresso: 3 oz shot of espresso in a demitasse porcelain cup.
  2. Doppio: “Double”, or two shots of espresso. 
  3. Americano: A “long” espresso that has twice as much water.  
  4. Ristretto: A “reduced” espresso that uses half the amount of water.
  5. Macchiato: Espresso that is “marked” with a splash of milk or milk foam.     
  6. Cappuccino: Espresso with equal parts steamed milk and topped with foamed milk.  
  7. Latte: A large cup of milk, marked with a shot of espresso.   
  8. Corretto: Espresso that is “corrected” with liquor such as Grappa or Cognac. 
  9. Shakerato: Espresso shaken with ice cubes with simple syrup, often served in a cocktail glass.  


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