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‘Wild and verdant’ is an apt phrase, to sum up, the East Garo Hills. This western chunk of Meghalaya is home to most of the wild species that are found in the state – from wild pachyderm herds and the enigmatic Hoolock gibbon to elusive predators. The Eastern Garo Hills are filled with legends and folklore, intertwined with the striking terrain.

Here are the 3 Beautiful Places To Visit In Meghalaya’s East Garo Hills:

1. Memo Lake

Memo Lake, Meghalaya

Memo Lake is located in Bolkinggre village about 10 km from Williamnagar town which is an artificial lake formed by a confluence of feeder streams and developed by government departments.

The tall hardwoods and tropical scenery of Garo Hills accompany you on your trip to Memo Lake, a charming getaway located close to Williamnagar town whose region is known for its rugged hilly terrain carved by the powerful Simsang River as it flows into the flatlands and Memo Lake is a spot where you can relax and admire the placid waters and gentle, lush scenery.

A tranquil lake in the heart of the lush Garo Hills, relish some idyllic rural scenes, and don’t forget to enjoy a picturesque drive through verdant landscapes.

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2. Tasek Lake

Tasek Lake, Meghalaya

Known for its natural beauty, Tasek Lake in Meghalaya’s East Garo Hills was naturally formed during the massive earthquake which hit the northeast region in 1897.

The lake has now turned into a popular recreational spot for visitors. Today, this tranquil spot is a perfect getaway for you if you seek the uninterrupted sounds of nature and gentle lakeside scenery. The lake is more than a km long and is abundant with indigenous species of fish that you can sight darting through the clear waters. The rustic landscape around the lake also adds an extra charm.

At Tasek Lake, you can enjoy a boat ride on the calm waters and admire the verdant surroundings – groves of trees and vegetation that line the entire stretch of the water body, adding to the peace and seclusion. So, don’t forget to soak yourself in the beauty of the lush trees, listen to the birds chirping and experience nature unadulterated.

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3. Chisobibra

Chisobibra, Meghalaya

Chisobibra is located close to the banks of the mighty Simsang River, so you can expect some stunning scenery. At Chisobibra, you can learn about the legacy of the Garo Goliath – Pa Togan Nengminza, one of the most famous freedom fighters to have emerged from these ranges.

Chisobibra is where you will find a sprawling park and monument dedicated to Pa Togan Nengminza, who died in a battle against the British in the year 1872.

Locals like to come to the park to enjoy picnics with family and loved ones where in the middle of the park you will come across an impressive statue of the warrior and a plaque dedicated to him on the foundation.

So, don’t forget to enjoy a picnic at the confluence of two rivers, relax on a gentle sandy beach, dip your feet in cool waters, and soak in the verdant scenery and revelry around.

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