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If there are undulating hills in abundance, there is not any dearth of winding rivers all along the way.

Located in the state of Meghalaya, Jaintia Hills is a heavenly place full of breathtaking sceneries and serene spots where travelers flock to the region in pursuit of peace and tranquility.

Being a part of the Patkai hill range that extends across the Indo-Myanmar borders, the Jaintia Hills is a relatively smaller hill district as compared to the Khasi and Garo Hills that amazes travelers with its pristine lakes and lush greenery.

The Jaintia Hills is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls of India, the Krang Suri Falls. Set against the backdrop of the rugged rocks with the verdant creepers and trees, the unreal shade of blue taken on by the water inspires the artistic side of anyone who views it.

Now, let’s find out some of the stunning places to visit while you’re in Jaintia Hills.

Here are the 4 Amazing Places To Visit In Jaintia Hills:

1. Dawki

Dawki, Meghalaya

Nestled at the bottom of Jaintia hills, one such village is Dawki, which is mostly famous for its crystal clear waters from the river Wah Umngot.

Sandwiched between India and Bangladesh, this little village is known for its beautiful waterfalls that flow uninterrupted and the lush green environment.

The village is also famous for its crystal clear waters from the river and falls that flow throughout the area. The water here flows uninterrupted, not just at the village but also passed through the borders of Bangladesh.

The surrounding greenery, the cold water of the river, and the beautiful suspension bridge on the River Umngot make Dawki a place worth a visit.

If you’re a  nature lover and you are curious to explore something unique then Dawki is where you need to head to.

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2. Krang Shuri Waterfalls

Krang Shuri Waterfalls, Meghalaya

Located about 30 km from Jowai in the district of West Jaintia Hills, the Krang Shuri Waterfalls is one popular waterfall in Meghalaya that is simply breathtaking.

Krang Suri waterfall is known for being located within the mountains, which can also be seen from afar.

To reach the waterfall you must walk alongside the border of the mountains, which is a very narrow yet slippery path. This makes the trip to the Krang Suri waterfall even more thrilling as you will be able to see the steep of the mountains and the height of the mountain.

The color of the plunge pool is what startles everyone. It is the most gorgeous shade of deep, copper sulfate blue making the whole scene look like something straight out of a wonderland.

A least explored place and perfect offbeat destination that will make you lose yourself in the serenity of this place enhanced by the sound of falling water. Do not miss it, if you are anywhere in Meghalaya.

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3. Kudengrim

Kudengrim, Meghalaya

Kudengrim is a village located 34 km towards the South of District head quarters Jowai, that is blessed with nature’s bounty in abundance and rarely explored is one of the best places to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kudengrim village is perched on the slope of a hill in between scenic surrounding amidst enormous hills.

Once you step into this village you can see many natural attractions such as Nongbareh living-root bridge, Kudengrim rock garden, and many free-flowing streams. A beautiful treehouse is also constructed by villagers recently.

So, don’t forget to give yourself some ‘me time,’ and immerse in the beauty of this fascinating village because mother nature has graciously bestowed Kudengrim with unparalleled natural vistas. From cascading waterfalls, sturdy living root bridges, natural swimming pools, rich fauna, and flora to spectacular surrounding views, it is a beautifully wrapped gift hamper with loads of lovely surprises inside.

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4. Nartiang Monoliths

Nartiang Monoliths, Meghalaya

Situated about 65 km from the state’s capital Shillong, Nartiang Monoliths is a large cluster of monoliths located at Law Mulong area of Nartiang village in Meghalaya.

Literally called as ‘Garden of monoliths’, the Monoliths Park is one of the renowned monuments in Meghalaya and among the well-known places to visit in Jowai.

Monoliths exist throughout the length and breadth of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. However, the biggest collection of monoliths in one single area is to be found in Nartiang, the summer capital of the Jaintia rulers.

According to legend, the cluster of monoliths was erected to mark the reigns of the erstwhile Jaintia Kings. Some scholars also say that these monoliths were erected in memory of the establishment of the market from Raliang to Nartiang.

If you are a history lover then you definitely need to visit Nartiang Monoliths whenever you’re in Meghalaya because some of the greatest treasures are safely tucked away in distant corners of India’s lesser-known regions.

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