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Among all the places in Nagaland, Mon is truly an intriguing destination for travel lovers that is full of diversity and uniqueness. There is an ethnic utopic surrounding the place and offers a number of unique places for you to explore.

Ethnic villages, museums, mountains, flora, and fauna, Mon has an interesting combination of places where you will get to experience a unique amalgamation of food, culture, lifestyle, and nature.

Here are the 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Mon:

1. Longwa Village

Longwa village, Mon

Exploring the uncharted boundaries of Longwa Village will actually introduce you to a unique chronicle. It might be an excellent option to push yourself and explore this unchartered territory.

Longwa village is just one of the best examples of it with the largest acres of encompassing area. The unique thing about Longwa is that the inhabitants of the village have dual citizenship- one of India and the other of Myanmar.

Explore the enchanted Longwa Village to get introduced to one of the finest places. The people of the Longwa Village don’t have the concept of borders as they are not differentiated by it. The village itself is one of the best places to visit in the North-east with such unique and interesting facts.

It is abundant with scenic beauty like the Doyang River, Nagaland science centre, Hong Kong Market, Shilloi Lake, and many more tourist attractions to see.

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2. Veda Peak

Veda Peak, Mon

Located about 70 km from the district headquarters, Veda Peak is also known as Pak Koi and is the highest peak of the Mon district of Nagaland where you will experience a picturesque view of the mountains and the rivers from Veda Peak will surely mesmerize you.

You can view the mighty Brahmaputra and the Chindwin rivers from the peak on a clear day. You will be also able to see the amazing Konyak Countryside view which will steal your heart.

The beauty of this place is unexplainable and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in the entire Konyak countryside. There is a beautiful waterfall near this peak.

If you have a passion for photography, the views of beautiful Naga Hills are sure to allure you here, and do not miss the Chui village and Longwa Village nearby they have enough reasons to keep you mesmerized.

3. Chui Village

Chui Village, Mon

Located in the Mon Sadar Tehsil of Mon district, Chui Village has only 273 families residing in the village and the population is 1588 out of which 776 are males while females are 812 in the count – the families are hospitable and peace-loving.

Chui village is considered a key destination for travelers wanting to know about the warrior tribes – Konyaks. An imposing statue of the Angh chief, Wangkhao Angh, with elaborate accessories stands at the entrance of the Angh’s house in the biggest house of the Chui village that you would not like to miss at any cost.

When you enter the Angh’s house in Chui village, apart from the statue, you will come across displays of skulls of enemies who were supposedly killed by the chiefs at various times.

But the natural surroundings and the historical essence in every corner is worth a visit while planning a trip to Mon.

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4. Chenloisho Village

Chenloisho Village, Mon

Located near the international border of Indian and Myanmar, Chenloisho Village is one of the biggest villages in the Chen area whose primary tourist attraction of this village is a museum.

This museum houses different types of ornaments that are found across the region. There are all types of pieces of jewelry worn by the tribal people are displayed here and is quite interesting. There is also a place called Waloo where human skulls dating back to the headhunting days are displayed.

If you are a history lover then Chenloisho Village is a must-visit for you.

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5. Shangnyu Village

Shangnyu Village, Mon

Home to the Konyak Naga tribe and reflects the colorful culture of the Naga people, Shangnyu Village is one of the prominent villages of the Mon district. The Angh’s house (chief’s house) is located here is believed to be more than 500 years old.

The uniquely carved structure still stands tall. The memorial stones are also found in front of Angh’s Palace. With a bundle of tourist attractions, this village is a prominent name in Nagaland Tourism.

Worth watching and buying is the craftsmanship of the Shnagnyu tribe which was passed from generation to generation.

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