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Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country and former Soviet republic, extends from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains at its eastern border with China and Russia.

Kazakhstan is wide to an extent that it encompasses 5 climate zones and has 2 time zones by being the ninth largest country in the world.

It is a very beautiful and diverse country offering a lot of tourist attractions to travelers from all around the world but because of its huge territory by being 9th largest country in the world it makes almost impossible for an ordinary tourist to see all the places of interest in one trip.

Here are the Top 5 Best Places to Explore in Kazakhstan which will make you fall in love with Kazakhstan for the rest of your life.


The changing face of Central Asia’s answer to Dubai in the middle of Kazakh SteppeAstana has some of the most impressive architecture where the ultra-modern architecture gives the city an extravagant futuristic skyline from the largest mosque in Central Asia to a Glass Pyramid and the world’s largest tent.

Astana is also the capital city of Kazakhstan, straddling the Ishim River in the north of the country which has become the second biggest city in Kazakhstan that is currently experiencing a financial boom with great building projects where the old and new modern places like Duman aquarium and Bayterek tower have become key attractions for visitors.

The best time to visit the city is from May to September as it has an extreme continental climate with warm summers and long, very cold, dry winters when the temperature can fall down to – 40 degrees.


Also known as the “Grand Canyon of Asia” Charyn Canyon is located 120 miles east of Almaty near the Chinese border which has also been described as the Grand Canyon’s little brother.

Charyn Canyon is actually comprised of five different canyons: Valley of Castles, Temirlik Canyon, Yellow Canyon, Red Canyon, and Bestamak Canyon.

Even though it’s smaller it’s no less impressive. You can admire the golden rocks for hours and get the most beautiful pictures here.

There are a variety of eye-catching colors on display throughout the canyon and it really is hard to not ‘oooh and ahhh’ every time you turn the corner.

The vista of dramatic erosion made by the river Charyn below and the elements have created a dramatic and impressive landscape.


Known as Kazakhstan’s trading and cultural hub,  Almaty is the largest city and cultural center of Kazakhstan which is located in the foothills of the Tien-Shan Mountains, this combination of mountains and buildings creates an impressive and unique skyline where snow-capped mountains guard the city and make for the best backdrop ever!

Now moving on to the city attractions, the Central State Museum here holds special importance because of the rich cultural heritage houses.

Almaty offers a huge range of attractions, including shopping malls, bazaars (markets), and historical monuments.


Only 15 km away from Almaty city this lake is one of the most beautiful lakes we have ever seen.

The best part about its location is that it is surrounded by majestic mountain peaks on all sides and in fact, the Lake lies within the Alatau- Eliy National park.

The lake is 2511 meters above sea level and is at its fullest in August and lowest in February. Make sure to walk a bit higher to get the best view and enjoy the panorama in its full splendor.


The Altai Mountains are divided between Russia, Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan where one can go for a hiking or trekking tour, it is the best way to experience the breathtaking panoramas.

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