Do you want to work with India’s adventurous travel blogger? If you have a brand that focuses on travel adventures, backpacking, or budget travel, I’d love to hear from you.

Travelholicq is a fast-growing Travel & Adventure Blog with a loyal readership of passionate travelers who love diving, adventure, culture, and design.  My goal is to inspire and help travelers live out their full potential. Along the way, I share tips with an emphasis on travel and adventure.


Work With Me: What Can I Do For You?

Are you a brand, travel agent, hotel, tour operator, or any other type of travel-related business? Are you looking for a content creator, videographer, photographer, or online travel influencer? You have come to the right place! I can offer you all that and even more.

With a background in Business Administration and experience in content creating, blogging and social media, I offer packages combining content creation and online social media promotion. Whether you are looking for content creation services for your own business needs, or effective marketing campaigns shared with a highly engaged audience, I am available for various different roles.



Would you like your business, brand, product, or destination highlighted on my blog or social media accounts? I’m able to provide you with the following:

1) Social Media Promotion: Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube I can promote your brand, product, or destination to a highly engaged audience on every platform, in the form of photos and videos.

2) Advertisements: I accept banner advertisements, either in my sidebar or in specific posts, for brands that match my blog’s ethos and values and priced on a monthly basis. Get in touch if you are interested in this possibility.

3) Press Trips: I’m always looking to visit new places and of course – write about them! If you are a tourism board or other marketer, I would love to promote travel to your area. I am available for press trips anywhere in the world.

4) Brand Ambassadorship: I am keen to take on brand ambassadorship programs with selected brands that work very well with my niche. I would promote your brand through various mediums including my blog, social media, and email list over a set amount of time.

5) Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews: If you have a product, accommodation, or another travel brand that you’re wanting to spread the word about and that fits my niche, I would love to review it for my audience. Please note that every review will be 100% honest.


Online Business Consulting

Are you an up-and-coming small business owner or fellow blogger? Let me help you build a website and online presence with any or all of the following:

  • Website/blog creation or revamp
  • Content creation
  • SEO best practices
  • Social media management & strategy

If you’re in need of digital marketing services, contact me to discuss your project!

Who You Will Be Reaching 

I reach 6,000 (and growing fast!) users every month. I also reach up to 30,000+ people on social media.

Out of my readers, 52% are in India. If you have an Indian product to market, there are a lot of people I can reach!

14% are located in the Philippines and 9% in the United States. The remainder of my audience is global, across all six continents BUT I haven’t quite reached Antarctica yet, haha!

54% of my readership is female and 46% is male. 46% of my readers are in the 25-34 age bracket.


Get in touch to receive my media pack with many more fun statistics! Contact me using the form at the bottom and let’s make the wonders happen!!!