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One of the most beautiful districts of the state, West Khasi Hills is located in the state of Meghalaya and is among the largest cities of the state where tourists flock to the region in pursuit of peace and tranquility. Tourism and its concept have been synonymous with this part of the country where the majority of the landscape depicts nature at its best and the depth of the indigenous culture that is rooted at the beginning of existence captivates a travelers’ instinct.

Travel to West Khasi Hills to witness the exciting sceneries and tranquil spots in and around the area. The District of West Khasi Hills is second to none for that matter with perennial rivers running throughout its length and breadth carving its landscape into breathtaking valleys and lakes. The potential of ecotourism is undoubtedly amongst the highest and goes untapped for circumstantial reasons here.

It is resplendent with picturesque views and innate serene beauty but now it’s time to find out the 6 Beautiful Places To Visit In Meghalaya’s West Khasi Hills whenever you plan to visit Meghalaya’s West Khasi Hills.

Here are the 6 Beautiful Places To Visit In Meghalaya’s West Khasi Hills.

1. Mawkyrwat

Mawkyrwat, Meghalaya

Mawkyrwat lies in the unique West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya at an elevation of about 6000ft and is approximately 50 kilometers from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya.

Being a head-quarter of Mawkyrwat sub-division about 35 km from Nongstoin, Mawkyrwat presents a panoramic landscape where a viewpoint has been constructed on top of Mawranglang.

Rich in its natural beauty, culture, and tradition – Mawkyrwat is emerging as a great tourism magnet in the West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya.

So whenever you plan to visit West Khasi Hills then you must visit Mawkyrwat to experience its stunning viewpoints.

2. Jakrem


Jakrem has located 64 km from the state capital, this place is famous for its hot water springs of sulfur which are believed to have medicinal benefits. Jakrem is one of the many hidden wonders of the country.

Not densely populated like the other travel destination in Meghalaya, Jakrem is the land of hot springs whose area is blessed with bursts of hot sulfur water, which is gaining popularity among people across the globe.

Since it is located not too far from Shillong and can be accessed from the Mawkyrwat-Shillong Road, you can take a taxi or a bus and reach Jakrem to enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot waters, especially in the colder seasons where you can stop at the many villages en route to Jakrem to enjoy a typical Meghalayan cuisine meal.

Drive down to this location to enjoy its uniqueness with your friends and family.

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3. Mairang


Halfway to Nongstoin is Mairang, the sub-divisional head-quarter, 12 km from which, lies the imposing Kyllang rock. A massive dome shape of a single rock of granite, rising to an elevation of about 5400 ft above sea level, measures 1,000 ft. across in diameter.

According to geologists, this rock is about several million years old. The rock can be accessed from the northern and eastern flanks. The southern flank is inaccessible because its slope exceeds 800 over an incline of about six hundred feet. It is a beautiful picnic spot.

Also, a beautiful memorial in the honor of U Tirot is constructed here in Mairang to commemorate his great feats. Don’t miss seeing this giant rock while you’re in Mairang.

4. Mawthadraishan Peak

Mawthadraishan Peak

Mawthadraishan Peak which takes an hour and a half to reach the main road is located on the northern side of Nongstoin – Shillong road, near Nongshillong, Mawroh, and Markasa villages.

The fish ponds located at the top add to the picturesqueness of this place. The peak is famed among tourists for the panoramic views it offers.

If you thought it is impossible to witness four landmarks from one point, you got to take a trip to Mawthadraishan Peak in Meghalaya. The north opens up views to the Himalayas, and Bangladesh to the south, while the Khasi hills lie to the east and the Garo Hills on the west.

It is one of the most scenic places in Meghalaya and trekking is the best way to explore the essence of this place. So just flip your arms open and let Mawthadraishan Peak breathe some life into you here.

5. Ranikor


Famous for the abundance of mahseer,  Ranikor is a beautiful place that is located on the banks of river Jadukata close to Bangladesh where the dark blue deep waters of Jadukata offer ample scope for water sports.

One of the best fishing spots and a hotspot for anglers. Anglers can row up the river where the Kynshi and Rilang converge and enjoy angling for the huge golden mahseers, golden carp, silver carp, and the common carp.

The surrounding rock cliffs with forest and the clear blue water add to the scenic beauty of the place. Ranikor is a traveler’s paradise and there are a few falls and hot springs.

Visiting Ranikor will not disappoint you at all as you can enjoy angling here in Ranikor, the delight of anglers and other species like the golden carp, silver carp, and the general carp which are also available.

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6. Nongkhnum Island

Nongkhnum Island

Located about 14 Km from Nongstoin, the district headquarters of West Khasi Hills, Nongkhnum Island is the biggest river island in Meghalaya and the second biggest river island in Asia, after Majuli Island in Assam.

The island is formed by the river Wah Kynshi on the west and south and river Namiliang on the north and east. The island has a beautiful sand beach and the place offers a lot of different activities for the visitors ranging from basking in the sun, boating, fishing, camping, etc.

It also serves as a perfect spot for all nature lovers and for those who want to relieve themselves from the hectic city life. The entry to the island is through a narrow bridge beside the Weinia Falls. You can take a detour from the bridge to witness the Weinia Falls gushing through rocks.

The island itself is really beautiful and painted in shades of green. Overall, the breathtaking scenic beauty and the tranquility of the place itself are worth a visit.

So, if you are visiting Shillong, extend a day of your stay to visit this beautiful river island. You will not be disappointed.

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