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Goa – One of India’s best tourist spots apart from booze hopping and partying where it is blessed with varied landscape with many small and big hills, from where streams, springs, and beautiful waterfalls emerge which is more than its pristine beaches and sea.

Goa is filled with nature’s unique gifts, and the stunning waterfalls in Goa add to its beauty.

Experience some of the breathtaking waterfalls when you visit Goa during the monsoon.

Here are the 5 Best Breathtaking Waterfalls of Goa.

1. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

It is the 5th largest waterfall in India which is a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa.

It is 60 km from Panjim by road and is located on the Madgaon-Belgavi rail route about 46 km east of Madgaon and 80 km south of Belgavi which fascinates tourists with the beauty of its foamy and milky water, gushing sound, and surrounding greenery.

2. Tambadi Surla Waterfalls

The dense jungle encircling the cascade, mystic beauty, and heritage temple at the bottom are the elements of the charm of the sight which is counted as one of the mesmeric waterfalls in north Goa, Tambadi Surla is an unconventional name among tourists.

The water falls from a height from the hills and makes its way through the rocks. It is a great experience to behold the gushing waters flowing in tranquility amidst green trees and lush bushes.

3. Netravali Waterfalls

Located and preserved as a wildlife sanctuary of Western Ghat Range, Netravali Waterfalls allures all nature lovers and enthusiasts.

It is spread around 211 sq km in Sanguem Taluka and is within the Madei wildlife sanctuary. It is one of the prettiest waterfalls and displays riveting charm in the post-monsoon and winter season.

Also, there is an island-type hill point from where you can get a close view of the falls as well as the surroundings.

4. Kuskem Waterfalls

Located in South Goa in the Canacona district, Kuskem waterfalls are situated near the Kuskem village, after which it is named.

Kuskem is one of the smallest and seasonal cascades in the Canacona taluka of Goa.

This waterfall drops from a lofty height and it becomes nearly transparent water at the bottom. It is amongst the must-see waterfalls in south Goa.

5. Arvalem Waterfalls 

The Arvalem Waterfall also known as Harvalem falls is a very scenic and beautiful picnic spot.

This beautiful waterfall forms a huge lake at the bottom, which is much popular amongst the swimmers.

The color of the waterfall becomes muddy brown in monsoon rains and the water flow is quite less in summer.

Arvalem waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Goa with a park and a viewing area, where local people can relax and rejoice in the beauty.

At a distance of 30 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 2 km from Sanquelim, and 8 km from Bicholim.  Arvalem waterfalls are one of the most amazing spots situated in North Goa.

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