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Romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person.  Like, being romantic means you are willing to put yourself in an awkward position at times in order to grow with him/her, for him/her, and for yourself.

Here are the top 5  most romantic nations.

5. Brazil: Brazilians because of their romantic appeal. They show no shyness when sex is concerned and throw the brightest and most lavishing carnival ever. The enjoyment of the Brazilians can be seen in their samba dance as well.

4. France: French people are famous in the world due to their romantic nature. They truly know and feel the language of love. They are experts on seduction and are absolutely irresistible. They love life, gourmet food, chocolates and wine. It’s not by chance that Paris is known as the most wanted for romantic excursions city. French people love to talk about love and feel the person next to them truly special.

3. Italy: Italy is a country made for lovers. The word “romance” originally meant from or about Rome, which means that, by default, just about anything Italian is considered romantic. In their seduction, Italians have the back up of their beautiful nature, fantastic food and wine, their rich history and melodious language.

2. Argentina: People of Argentina are very passionate and romantic. These people have a lot of passion. The perfect expression of Argentine romanticism can be found in the tango which is the world’s most sensuous dance. 

1. Spain: Spanish people have reputation of very good lovers. Lively, charming and hot, these people know the true meaning of romance.

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