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Cebu Island, one of my most favorite places to visit in the Philippines. Cebu City is a significant cultural city in the Philippines with so many historically important sights all over Cebu City.

As a Medicine student in the Philippines, I was lucky to attend the “Sinulog Festival” which is the largest fiesta in the Philippines. I would like to brief you all about the “Sinulog Festival”, held every third Sunday of January, it commemorates the Child Jesus, the Lord, and Protector of Cebu. The Sinulog is a dance ritual of pre-Hispanic indigenous origin. The dancer moves two steps forward and one step backward to the rhythmic sound of drums. This movement resembles the current (sulog) of what was then known as Cebu’s Pahina River. Thus the name Sinulog.

The Sinulog Festival celebration lasts for nine days, culminating in the final day with the Sinulog Grand Parade. The day before the parade, the Fluvial Procession is held at dawn with a statue of the Santo Niño carried on a pump boat from Mandaue City to Cebu City, decked with hundreds of flowers and candles. The procession ends at the Basilica where a re-enactment of the Catholicizing (that is, the acceptance of Roman Catholicism) of Cebu is performed. In the afternoon, a more solemn procession takes place along the major streets of the city, which lasts for hours due to a large crowd participating in the event. I will say must attend this festival whenever you plan to visit the Philippines.

How can I miss my most memorable moment, which I spent on “Tingko Beach” which is a very popular gateway for Travelholicq’s? “Tingko Beach” is small but it’s lagoon across a coral island. I still remember the sound of waves, which was so nice to hear, I was so relaxed and tension-free over there. For a moment I had forgotten all my worries. This beach is the must-visit beach in Cebu if you are planning your trip to the Philippines.

I will suggest you all visit the Philippines at least once in your life. So you can enjoy it over there and the best part of your visit will be that you get to connect with their culture. As a Medicine student, I love to explore Cebu Island, Philippines again and again. Last but not least please do not forget to visit the most amazing “Waterfalls Restaurant” in the Philippines.

– Niharika Tiwari, Philippines

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Sheryl Gonsalves
Sheryl Gonsalves
August 4, 2017 1:23 pm

Wow.. feel like going there now!

Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar
August 6, 2017 12:42 pm

Always been a dream place…Awesome…