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Are you tired of browsing the same old places you’ve seen and heard of a million times while planning a trip to Rajasthan?

Soaked in culture and history that is located in West India but also known as the ‘Abode of the Maharajas’, Rajasthan is a land of the Great Indian Desert, Rajput valor, magnificent architectural talent, and hospitable locals.

So if you are planning to visit soon and are confused about “Which Place To Visit In Rajasthan” then add these 3 Fascinating Places To Visit In Rajasthan that will truly fascinate you.

Here are the 3 Unique Places To Visit In Rajasthan:

3. Elfantastic

Located 16 km away from Jaipur in Hathi Gaon Village of Amer, Elfantastic is the one and only place to be in Jaipur where you’ll get to learn about human-friendly elephants. To be honest, there is nothing to see in Jaipur apart from visiting Elefantastic if you aren’t a history person like me.

If you love elephants, then interacting with them for activities such as showering, painting, feeding, touring, and playing is going to be a thrilling yet humbling experience. And the best part of Elefantastic is that riding isn’t allowed and where the elephants are treated nicely.

Being up close & personal with their elephants is a unique experience. So, don’t miss out on spending some time with these human-friendly elephants which are the best things to do in Jaipur, trust me. Click here to get all the details about Elfantastic. You can watch the vlog below.

2. Dumping Yard Kishangarh

Located in the industrial area of Kishangarh, Dumping Yard Kishangarh is a large dumping ground for the marble waste generated during marble cutting and processing. It is one of the unique places to visit in Rajasthan.

Although an uncommon place to visit, the marble slurry dump yard at Kishangarh provides breathtaking views. It is a great place to explore the unique beauty of nature. The picturesque landscape has a surreal charm that can mesmerize any traveler.

This marble dumping yard is a human-made art. In 2005, RICCO and Kishangarh marble association decided to put the marble slurry in one place and developed a disposing area. 50-60 feet deep wells were dug to pour the waste but then the dumping area turns out to be a plateau looking like white hills and mountains covered with snow.

I know, Dumping Yard Kishangarh is an unusual location to visit but the marble slurry dump yard has stunning vistas. The purity and orderliness of the place are surreal which makes it must visit place in Rajasthan if you want to see something unique and extraordinary. You can watch the vlog below.

1. Jaisalmer

Located deep inside the majestic Thar Desert and dotted with stunning architectural marvels, the history and beauty of Jaisalmer never fail to fascinate travelers.

Also known as the “Golden City of India”  because the yellow sand and the yellow sandstone used in the architecture of the city provide a golden glow to the city during sunlight. Jaisalmer is a unique place with different variations like forts, temples, lakes, desert, etc. but you will fall in love with it if you go on the outskirts. Actually, Jaisalmer is the real Rajasthan that we hear about like water problems, sand dunes, etc.

Jaisalmer is the place to visit if you’re looking for a desert camel safari. A bumpy ride on a camel in the Thar Desert is one of the exciting things to do in Jaisalmer.

Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes are the popular dunes in Jaisalmer. If geology interests you, then Jaisalmer is the place where you need to be when you’re in Rajasthan. You can watch the vlog below.

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