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Arunachal Pradesh, the city of the rising sun and the farthest northeastern state of India, is bordered by Tibet, Myanmar, and Bhutan. This area of our country is one of those that is entirely untouched and undeveloped but is home to some truly stunning locations.

You can’t help but fall in love with this state and think about the locations to visit in Arunachal Pradesh because of its beauty, which is just enchanting. Because they were opened up by the state and now easily grant all licences, there are many places you may visit and explore with Arunachal Pradesh tour packages.

You must visit this location if you’re looking for serenity, calmness, and something that is still lovely. Then, you’ll have the most extraordinary experiences of your life.

Here are the 8 Unique Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh:

1. Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park

Red pandas are adorable, don’t you think? A red panda is one of the nicest things you can find in Arunachal Pradesh. They are the sole species of the genus Ailurus and the family Ailuridae that are listed above.

India has roughly 20 locations where you can see red pandas, and these locations work to safeguard and conserve the species. Thus, one of the Namdapha National Park’s protected areas also happens to be among the greatest tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. It is India’s third-largest park and a hotspot for biodiversity.

To reach Lisu Village, you can obtain a local guide from Deban and then hike through the rainforest.

2. Upper Dibang Valley

Upper Dibang Valley

One of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh is Upper Dibang Valley. It seems a little strange, though.

With a total area of 9,129 sq km, it is the largest district in India but it is also the least populous.

Unusual, huh? The indigenous Idu Mishmis and a few more tribes with Tibetan ancestry control this area. You must get to Anini when you arrive because it is the only location with access to the rest of the nation.

There is a wildlife refuge in Dibang Valley, which is its main draw. The Mishmi Hills Giant Flying Squirrel calls this place home.

3. Talley Valley

Talle Valley

The Talley Valley is among Arunachal Pradesh’s top tourist destinations. You can gain a lot of insights into the ancient tribal culture and the practices that go along with it by travelling the trail that goes to Talle Valley, which is a fantastic adventure in and of itself.

How much protection they provide to their woodlands will surprise you. Pangey Valley, Talley Valley, and Ziro Valley are among the valleys you’ll pass while hiking here.

The Apatanis live in these valleys. Here, people develop environmentally friendly methods for preserving their woodlands. One such tactic is the taboo period, during which no one is allowed to enter or go hunting in the forest.

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4. Mechuka Valley

Mechuka Valley

You should be aware of the Losar Festival if you enjoy learning about the many Indian holidays. The Losar festival is held at Mechuka Valley, which is located in the West Siang District.

This valley is one of the most interesting and cleanest places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh because it is consistently well-guarded by the Indian Army and is not polluted. You have the option of staying in government-run lodging or a local resident’s home.

The 400-year-old Buddhist Monastery is another place you can go to observe the historic Buddhist statues.

5. Bomdila


To truly understand what natural beauty is, you must travel to Bomdila, one of the top tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh.

The location of this lovely retreat is 8,000 feet above sea level. As a result, it is a fantastic location with lots of gorgeous spots for everyone who enjoys climbing.

The natural beauty of the area will win you over, and you may stroll through the countryside to obtain the best views of Kangto Peak and Gorichen Peak.

Bomdila Monastery is another well-known tourist destination. There is a local craft gallery just next to that monastery that showcases the finest artistic creations and cultural artefacts made by the Bomdila people.

6. Itanagar


How can the capital city itself be missed when you are travelling to several locations? 350 metres above sea level, in a well-developed municipality called Itanagar.

This city is one of the most fascinating destinations to visit in Arunachal Pradesh thanks to its rich and cultural architectural treasures. You can go to the Ita Fort, which has unique breaks.

Another intriguing location is the fabled Gyakar Sinwi, also known as Ganga Lake. The distance to the city is 7 kilometres. Another marvel is the Jawahar Lal Nehru Museum, which houses the original tribal culture of Arunachal Pradesh.

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7. Tawang


One of the most stunning and culturally significant destinations to visit in Arunachal Pradesh is Tawang, which is home to India’s largest monastery.

Up until the 20th century, it belonged to Tibet, but it is currently in the Indian city of Tawang. Galden Namgey Lhats monastery is currently the second-biggest in the whole world but the largest in the nation.

The state of Arunachal Pradesh is very wonderful, and it does an excellent job of protecting its flora, fauna, and culture.

Apart from that, you really must see Nuranang Falls and Bap Teng Kang Waterfalls!

8. Sela Pass

Sela Pass

Sela Pass, one of the most stunning locations in the Himalayan panorama, provides the residents of Arunachal Pradesh with a lifeline and is as divine as they come.

The Sela Pass and the Himalayas work together to mesmerize everyone with their mystical beauty.

Sela Pass, one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to the Northeast, serves as a lifeline for the residents of Arunachal Pradesh as it is the only route connecting the state’s Tawang district to the rest of the nation.

Sela Pass is a breathtaking location that is always covered in snow and offers some stunning views of the eastern Himalayan range, in addition to its geographic significance.

The Sela Lake, one of Arunachal’s most stunning lakes, is located in the mountainous past.


(This article is written by Maanvir Jaglanย who is an Outreach Specialist at Travel Adviser.)

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