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Every WordPress site needs an SEO plugin. And when it comes to SEO plugins, these plugins are by far one of the most popular options.

WordPress SEO is, unavoidably, a complex topic, though. And to address that, these plugins have built-in plenty of complex features to give you pinpoint control over your site’s SEO.

The plugins on this list will not only allow you to optimize your content for search engines but also take care of a few other SEO issues such as images and rich snippets.

SEO might be the best and most consistent source of traffic for one’s website, but it’s not without its quirks. The constant process of optimizing your posts can sometimes take more time than actually writing the content.

If you always feel that you can do more on the SEO front for your website but don’t have the time, then these plugins are what you’re looking for.

Are you not entirely convinced? These SEO Plugins are the favorite WordPress SEO plugins for millions of users worldwide. Let’s begin!

Here are the Top 6 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress:

#1. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework

When it comes to SEO then The SEO Framework is my most favorite SEO tool because it is the only solution that can intelligently generate critical SEO meta tags in any language by reading your WordPress environment. This automation saves you a considerable amount of time that could be used to write more content or focus on other tasks. It also removes the need for advanced SEO knowledge. The SEO Framework is an expert system for SEO. It is the only feature-complete SEO plugin that follows the white-hat guidelines and rules imposed by WordPress and search engines.

So, start using proven methods to optimize your website for SEO. Clean, dedicated, extensible, unrestricted, ad-free, and no strings attached.  The SEO Framework is the fastest full-featured SEO plugin, and it blends right into your WordPress website, without leaving you in the dark. The SEO Framework works on many things without notifying you, because the best software is fast, nimble, responsive, and it saves your precious time.

It’s easy to get started. Activate this plugin, and your site’s instantly protected against prominent SEO attacks. The SEO Framework will also prefill all critical meta tags for you. A real-time-saver.

If you need an SEO plugin that delivers results then I would highly recommend you install The SEO Framework because you don’t need more clicks that bounce. You need more clicks that pay. So, join over 100,000 businesses and grow your blog using proven SEO tactics with The SEO Framework. The SEO Framework is free. Get SEO out of the box. Install The SEO Framework now, and you’re good to go.

The SEO Framework


#2. Rank Math

Rank Math

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices.

Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to appear in search with Structured data. Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress is hands down the best alternative to the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

And the best thing is, Rank Math is completely FREE! Its host of intelligent features brings top SEO capabilities to your hands that were previously out of reach. The smart automation features give you the power of an entire SEO team with just a few clicks.

A well-thought-out design, powerful features, and years of development by the MyThemeShop squad make Rank Math a game-changing SEO plugin that will level the SEO playing field in your favor to help increase traffic. Rank Math creates the perfect foundation for your on-page SEO.

Rank Math tightly integrates with Google Search Console to bring you essential information right inside your WordPress admin dashboard. Information like what keywords you are ranking for, how many search impression your website is getting, what errors Google sees on your site, etc., is available in one glance.

If you always feel that you can do more on the SEO front for your website but don’t have the time, then Rank Math is what you’re looking for.

Download Rank Math For Free


#3. Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO

If you have just started out your blogging career and have no idea about SEO then I highly recommend you install Squirrly SEO Plugin. 

It is the best SEO plugin if you don’t know anything about SEO. Squirrly SEO will help you learn SEO from scratch which is so simple and easy to learn with this plugin.

Now, Squirrly SEO is an SEO WordPress plugin that is designed to help improve your blog’s ranking with Google. So, upgrade your WordPress with Excellent SEO. Guided by the A.I.-based Private SEO Consultant. All SEO Tools Included for Free.

With Squirrly SEO your search traffic can finally increase and you now have the means to make your Internet Marketing dreams come true! It is the Popular Tool that NON-SEO Experts use to increase their search engine traffic. You will see success in the first few weeks if you follow the Daily SEO Goals and work with the included tools.

You can use Squirrly PRO to get to the first page of Google in 1 week where everyone will start thinking you’re an SEO Superstar, and the truth is: you will be.

If you use all that Squirrly offers and take advantage of the innovations inside. You’ll boost rankings, organic traffic, write Perfect SEO articles, track search rankings, and everything else that’s needed to consistently place pages in the TOP 10 of Google Search.

Squirrly PRO

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#4. SEOPress


SEOPress is a simple, fast, and powerful WordPress SEO Plugin for your website. SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, manage redirections 301 and so much more.

It is easy and ready to use where you don’t need to know SEO or code to use this SEOPress plugin. Most of the parameters are automatically set. The SEOPress is a very strong contender as a WordPress plugin for SEO.

It has a ton of tools, includes most of the key SEO tools you’re likely to need, makes it easy to import other SEO plugin settings, and works fast. It’s simple, fast, and powerful, letting you manage all of your titles and meta descriptions for posts/pages/post types/terms.

The SEOPress plugin also easily and beautifully integrates with all of the popular WordPress plugins and third-party apps including that are WPML, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP Rocket, Elementor, Google Analytics, Visual Composer, Divi, and so on.

By the way, SEOPress is a freemium All In One SEO plugin for WordPress with no ads. So, Improve your traffic by downloading SEOPress now and start SEO optimization of your WordPress site.

Get SEOPress Now


#5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin designed to help webmasters optimize their WordPress websites for search engines.

I know every blogger prefers Yoast SEO but I am not a big fan of this SEO plugin, to be honest. It is so difficult to make everything green in Yoast SEO. I have wasted my 2-3 days in making everything green especially the keyword but still, I was unable to do that. That’s the reason I am not a big fan of  Yoast SEO.

But Yoast still rules the world as it became a global brand. If you can make everything green then this SEO plugin helps you with your search engine optimization and since 2008 Yoast SEO has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines.

As Yoast’s mission is SEO for Everyone, the plugin’s users range from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet. Yoast SEO does everything in its power to please both visitors and search engine spiders.

So, whether you are a business owner or blogger, a content creator, a developer, or an SEO expert: Yoast SEO helps you keep your website in perfect shape.

 Yoast SEO Plugin

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#6. All In One SEO Pack 

All In One SEO Pack 

If you’re looking for a WordPress SEO plugin, then you will likely come across All in One SEO Pack because it is one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever created.

Unlike other WordPress SEO plugins, All in One SEO Pack does the work for you. Simply install the plugin and all the settings are configured properly for your website. You get the best SEO results without hiring an expert.

From advanced on-page SEO optimization features to Sitemap modules to Google Knowledge graph to Webmaster tool integrations, All in One SEO has everything you need to increase your WordPress SEO rankings. Use All in One SEO Pack to optimize your WordPress site for SEO.

It’s easy and works out of the box for beginners, and has advanced features and an API for developers. All in One SEO is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to optimize your WordPress SEO, then you need to use All in One SEO Pack.

All in One SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin. It has the features that make All in One SEO the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress SEO plugin in the market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps make your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. While WordPress provides an SEO-friendly setup right out the box, there are still many things that you can do to improve your SEO such as adding meta tags, generating XML sitemap, avoiding duplicate content, etc.

Above SEO Plugins helps you do all these things with an easy-to-use interface that blends into your WordPress dashboard.


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